The Art of Sculpting a Lean, Muscular Body and Becoming More Sexually Attractive

You get told something new every day.
If you watch the news, sh!t gets even crazier…
Some new study is released that claims your favorite food can actually help you lose weight, or that marathoning GoT is good for your health…
How do you know what is real?
I’ll tell you one thing; television is meant for a mass market.
It is made to appeal to people who want to be “spoon-fed” information.
At least on the web you can surf around and check out different opinions on topics.
I’m no grand conjurer, but I can tell you what does actually work
It is a whole let less glamorous than what the daily news, advertisements or salespeople will tell you too.
The only certain way to improve your looks, energy levels, body shape and level of happiness is to work at it a little bit each and every single day.
Think about this for a moment….
In a single day you have 24 hours, and 1440 minutes.
But over a year you have 525,600 minutes…
That’s quite a few minutes… Some things such as exercise, supplements, learning new skills etcetera can all be done in just a few minutes each day.
Now, here goes a challenge for you.
Think about how many of those minutes you waste on pretty silly sort of stuff…
If you sleep in just one hour every day, that’s 365 hours a year you could put toward something.
365 hours doesn’t sound like that much?
365 hours is over 9 fulltime 40 hour weeks.
How much could you get done in that time?
How much work would an employer expect to get in return for paying you for 9 weeks of 40 hours a week?
They’d expect a lot, and so should you from yourself.
When you aren’t at work is when you should be working the hardest towards your goals, because this is your time player… This is where you get to work for yourself, no matter if it’s at the gym, learning Japanese or becoming a master Katana operator.
Why am I telling you this?
One reason:
The secret to getting anything you want in life is simply to work steadily towards your goal.
There are not really any shortcuts.
I mean, sure, you can win the lottery, you could randomly be discovered by a talent scout to star in the next Batman movie while browsing through B&N.
There is an extremely small possibility of becoming rich overnight winning the lottery, or becoming famous without really “earning” it…
But there is a ZERO CHANCE of becoming better looking, having a better body and being more sexually attractive over night. NO chance at all.
100% of people who are good looking and in really good shape got there by working towards it over a period of time.
This means:
  • Doing a really small session of exercise each day – even if it’s just a 90 second bodyweight workout, or a 5 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood
  • Taking your supplements every day (Sytropin is normally taken twice per day)
  • Keeping motivated each day… Why is it that you want to look good? Is it because you want to land a hot new partner, to make your ex jealous, or to improve your social status? YouTube has motivational videos for everything…
  • Restraining yourself from eating foods that will cause acne, poor skin and extra bodyweight
  • Drinking enough water each day (use something like HabitRPG to track your good and bad habits – this app is awesome!)
  • Washing your face regularly with the right lotions, moisturising, and keeping your body hair groomed/minimised
You can’t get in great shape by taking your supplements once a week, but pigging out on donuts and getting your exercise by button mashing your Xbox One.
Have some respect for yourself and your goals.
You are reading this email because you want to look better, feel better, become more attractive, have more energy, and generally become more awesome.
Think about what drives you to get stuff done.
Does thinking about some chick who dumped you 10 years ago make you want to work harder than ever to achieve your goals?
Does thinking about your crummy job make you want to become a Dan Bilzarian type of playboy?
Think about the things that motivate you to become more awesome.
One of my biggest weapons
Looking great and getting into shape is something that doesn’t have to be as difficult as people make it out to be. Most people don’t cheat, and that’s why it’s so hard.
I’ll say it again.
Most people have trouble losing weight and looking better for one simple reason: they don’t cheat.
See, there are only a few lucky people in the world with naturally high levels of growth hormones. Human growth hormones are what enable people to stay looking young, have beautiful skin and clear eyes, sleep like a baby, have lean, muscular bodies, and have a natural reservior of energy.
For the other 99.99% of us, we either go the hard way, or we take HGH supplements.
This is the main reason we use Sytropin (for the HGH booster), but it also contains L-group amino acids, which are downright essential if you want to lose body fat faster.
Sytropin is obviously safe (FDA compliant), and easy to use (oral spray twice a day), and effective (check out their stupidly long page of testimonials and wicked reviews).
Back to what I mentioned earlier:
The only thing you need to focus on is using it every day without fail. Sure, you can miss a day here and there, but the big benefits come from using it often, and combining it with some of the other strategies I have mentioned in my emails to you over the past couple of weeks.
Check out their site and cheat your way to becoming more attractive and lean… Something that most men and women fail to do, just because they don’t have the secrets I’ve explained above.