The Absolute Best “Stupidly” Easy Hacks to Look Incredible and Feel Unstoppable

Time doesn’t come back.
You can’t bank time (unless you have a Hot Tub Time Machine).
What do you do?
There are some things in life you want:
  • A great body, glowing skin,
  • Tons of friends,
  • Parties and fun,
  • Reading time,
  • Movie time
  • Time to do your hobbies
Then there are some things in life you need to do:
  • Pay bills
  • Go to work
  • Change diapers
  • Commute
  • Overtime
  • Household chores
  • Helping people out on the weekends
Those tasks that will land you in a penitentiary or have you living on the street if you don’t do them are the ones we end up spending our time doing.
Time is limited; but I’m preaching to the choir here…
You already know this.
So how can you have it all?
There is a way to ensure that you look great, feel great, and do it quickly. You don’t have to spend hours slogging it out in the gym to get a great body.
You don’t need to spend half your pay packet on French moisturizer handmade by a tall, tanned man called John-Philippe.
What can you do to game the system?
As you know by now, I’m a big fan of Sytropin, the HGH supplement that can help you:
  • Get tighter, clearer skin
  • Cut extra body fat to reveal a lean, sculpted body
  • Supercharge your energy levels leaving you wondering how you get some much done
But, what I want to share right now are some of my favorite “hacks” that most people just don’t do.
I find the Sytropin is my “bread and butter”, but these other habits just help to add a bit of extra punch to my looks and energy.
Easy Hacks to Look and Feel WAY Above Average
  • Drink green tea instead of/as well as coffee – this is packed with antioxidants and a more natural caffeine buzz – no extra time required
  • Get an electric toothbrush and some really good toothpaste (I’m not kidding here). Dental studies show that electric toothbrushes are more effective at cleaning your teeth, and high quality toothpaste can actually whiten your teeth and leave your breath smelling nicer for longer – no extra time required
  • Drink more water than you think you need. Water is the best way to flush your body out and ensure that toxins leave your body ASAP. At least 2 liters per day, preferably more – probably about 5 minutes extra per day due to extra trips to the bathroom, but the extra brain power will make that time up by smart thinking
  • Take care of excess hair – guys, this means neck, ear, nose hair, and keep facial hair looking well groomed – 5 minutes once per week
  • Guys especially – take care of your eyebrows. Dammit, this is so easy and tons of guys still wander around looking like they just burst out of the Cretaceous period – 1 minute once every 4-5 days
  • Wash your face in the morning – if you are having problems with acne, twice per day. Use something that contains salicylic acid to clear your pores, and then moisturize. 3 minutes per day
  • Use sunscreen when you are out in the sun. If you want a tan, at least put sunscreen on your face. Nobody wants to look like a shriveled raisin when they get to their 40s due to having a sweet tan when they were in their 20s – about 30 seconds every time you go out in the sun (but worth it if you can get a good looking passerby to apply it)
  • Don’t stress about your diet. Yes, it is important, but crash diets always fail because they aren’t sustainable. One thing I’ve found that has helped me a ton in life is to try and get pleasure from more fun things than food. Most people who are out of shape get a TON of pleasure from eating and feeling full, so try and find something that is MORE fun than being full
  •  Do an insanely small amount of exercise, but do it every day, I’ll expand on this now
When wanting to get in shape, most people do something like this:
Goal: to hit the gym 4-5 times per week for one hour, eat veggies and lean meats every day, and have a treat meal once per week.
They get burnt out within 3 days.
Don’t be that guy (or gal).
Instead, do something that is easily achievable so that you stick it out.
Here is a better idea than the whole “lose 20 pounds, hit the gym every second day, eat a crazy diet that is doomed to fail”.
Every single day, do 1 single minute of exercise.
Hit the floor, do some press-ups, do some squats, and then finish.
If you do this for one week, congratulations.
Next week, do just two minutes of exercise each day.
If this feels too slow, ask yourself “Is this better than what I’ve been able to do in the past?”…
The key to looking and feeling great is to slowly, but steadily build up some habits that you can keep over the long term, because having a good body, good looks, and tons of energy is something you want for the rest of your life right?
One of the best habits to pick up is the idea of supplementation.
See, due to food these days, our bodies just don’t get the input they need to create the output we desire (tons of energy, beautiful skin, lean body etc.). Human Growth Hormone is something that naturally fades out with age, and I’ve already stressed the benefits of this in earlier emails, but go HERE, and check it out.
My personal recommendation for supplementation is Sytropin, an “all-in-one” supplement that combines the incredible power of HGH with L-group amino acids (which are the building block of lean muscle mass).
Looking and feeling great are not difficult goals to achieve; you just need to think differently from everyone else. Seriously now, how many people do you know who exercise regularly and still look really freakin’ average?
My point exactly…
Check out the deal on Sytropin, and I’d love to hear from you when you’re leading your new and improved life!