Magic Mike, Girls Going Crazy and Your Sex Appeal (Hint:what’ s the connection?)

Has your girlfriend seen the movie Magic Mike?
If she has, you already know what I’m going to say next…
If you’re a female, you don’t need to read any further.
Girls go absolutely crazy over that movie.
That’s no secret.
It’s a dramatic reversal of stereotypes whenever that movie comes on around women. The guys with lean, cut abs, great bodies and flawless skin flaunting their stuff…
Women go crazy for it.
But guys also go crazy for movies where girls get their kit off and start dancing around seductively (Jennifer Aniston’s performance in We’re The Millers springs to mind)…
Guys like hot chicks and girls like hot guys…
BOOM – You heard it here first!
I’m kidding, I’m kidding… Kind of…
There is something incredible about good-looking people, but it goes far deeper than just their looks.
Good-looking people get more promotions, more partners, more money, more friends, more party invites, more everything.
Now, not to disappoint, but the law of averages battles against most of us.
If half of the population is above average looks, the other half is under. Straight off the bat, you have a 50% chance of being less attractive than average.
I’m going to lay it all out on the line for you here, right now…
See, genetics play a role in your looks, but genetics is nowhere near as important as you think.
Here are the most important factors that add up to being “good looking”…
Skin – the smoother and more even tone, the better
Body shape – leaner and musclier is better
Clothes – well fitting clothes is way more important than brand and can make anybody more attractive
Hair style – certain faces suit certain hairstyles – get a professional hairdresser to give their opinion
Teeth and breath – the actual teeth don’t matter so much as they are clean and white-ish
Think about it: genetics don’t control your hairstyle, how clean and white your teeth are, your clothes, or how many pimples you have. Genetics doesn’t control if you can get to them gym a couple of times a week or go for a jog every second day…
Think about it…
Now, that is a LOT to take in.
Notice there is nothing there about “personality” or “people skills” or anything… There is a reason for that.
See, most people are nice once you get to know them, so just being a nice person doesn’t really get you far.
The important thing to remember is that people DO judge you on how you look. When you apply for a job, the company is asking you to be a face for them. When you land a job, every single person you tell where you work will associate you with that company – THIS right here, is why it is the good-looking people who have the best jobs.
Now, here’s the good news…
People only care about the things that you have direct control over
For example, it doesn’t matter if you are Egyptian, Mongolian or Australian. Nobody cares about that.
It also doesn’t matter if you are short, or tall, or are going bald.
None of that stuff matters, because people already know: these things are 100% outside of your control.
People only focus on what you CAN control
If you never brush your teeth, have scruffy hair, ratty old clothes, a beer belly, bad skin and more, people will think differently of you.
If you look lean, in shape, have good skin, smell nice, and wear clothes that suit you, you are about 99% of the way the way to becoming your best form my friend.
Now, this doesn’t happen over night – but you probably already knew that.
A bit of exercise and getting a couple of well-fitting outfits takes time, but one thing that you can do instantly is to start giving your body the right nutrients and support that it needs to look better.
One of the fastest ways to shock your body into fat burning mode, get your skin looking better, and give you a rush of new energy is to increase your levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormones).
If you caught my last message, you’ll know that HGH is literally the reason that people start to look older, get bad skin, lose muscle mass and start to gain weight as they get older.
A lack of HGH is also one of the reasons that guys and girls suffer from acne and other skin conditions.
HGH is the fundamental part of how celebrities, fitness models, actors and super stars manage to stay so in control of their looks.
The scientific reason?
HGH levels start to decline as soon as your body has gone through puberty…
HGH is the “trigger” that tells the body how many cells to replace and how often to replace cells. Cells are the building block of everything we are, so on a micro level, when our HGH levels are low, we are literally dying a little each day.
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P.S. Remember: focus on the things that you can change, and give yourself an unfair advantage by using science to help you fight aging, increase your sex appeal, and become one of those guys or gals that people dream about!