Sytropin Review

sytropin spray bottleYou’ve probably been hearing about Sytropin – the wild craze that is sweeping the fitness & wellbeing world. If you haven’t heard about it, let me explain in one quick sentence what it is…

Sytropin is an HGH releaser, which helps our body to release more Human Growth Hormones. The reason you’d want to do this is because HGH is literally what rebuilds your body, encourages growth and helps regeneration.

In other words, without it, you age faster. That’s why many believe HGH is the fountain of youth and strength.

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You know how young guys and girls have tight skin, tons of energy, a full head of hair and all together look great, feel fantastic and act like the world is a dance party?

It’s primarily because their HGH is being manufactured and used at full capacity inside their bodies.

If you’ve seen all of the ads, heard all of the rave reviews and all of the hype for Sytropin, don’t worry. You won’t get a full blown advertorial here. Simply an unbiased review of Sytropin and what it could offer you.

First of all, Sytropin are giving away a free trial to help you come to your own decision about whether it will suit you or not. This makes the transaction pretty much risk free (as you’ll only pay for the shipping).

Why Would You Want To Try Sytropin In The First Place?

If getting out of bed in the morning is getting to be incredibly difficult, if you have started gaining a bit of weight or your energy levels have plummeted, you might get some real benefits from using it.

Do you know how HGH can affect our performance?

Let me explain…

What Exactly Is Sytropin?

First of all, let me explain this without all of the jargon.

Sytropin is an HGH Releaser. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. HGH is what encourages cell growth, reproduction and regeneration. Without it, our bodies would degenerate (die) extremely fast.

From our 20’s on, our production of HGH slows down each year, although there are some things we can do to get more of this essential hormone. HGH supplements will do this – but they are illegal without a prescription, and HGH prescriptions are normally only given to people with serious disabilities or impediments.

Sytropin is an HGH Releaser – which means that it doesn’t directly add HGH to our body, but it encourages our anterior pituitary gland to produce more of it.

I promise I won’t throw anymore technical jargon into this review, but this is just to help you understand what the product is.

Exactly What Is In Sytropin?

Before you take anything, you should always check out the ingredient list to make sure there is nothing harmful or questionable in it. Sytropin is a combination of L group amino acids and Growth factors (proteins and other hormones). All of these are produced naturally in our body, but like I explained earlier, as our bodies age we produce less and less which results in poorer sleep, less energy and a lot longer recovery time from exercise and accidents.

As well as L group amino acids, these powerful compounds are also in Sytropin:

  • Moomiyo extract – this compound helps the body to repair itself and helps decrease your recovery time after exercise or injury
  • Alpha GPC – helps with development of nerves and coordination, mental balance and focus. This is also one of the key ingredients that helps boost HGH production.
  • Gaba – improves CNS function, improves sleep quality by helping the body stay in REM for longer.

What Are The Main Benefits That You Can Experience?

The manufacturers of Sytropin claim that you can receive many benefits including the following:

  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Body fat loss
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Less cholesterol
  • Increases libido and sexual performance
  • Helps increase sleep quality
  • Enhances moods

Although it would be great to take something everyday and receive all of these benefits – nothing really works like that.

You are not going to get increased muscle mass just from increasing your supplies of HGH – that should be obvious enough. However if you prescribe a good exercise routine with diet and Sytropin, you can increase your recovery time between exercise sessions.

This means that you can workout more often, and your muscles will recover faster, which means that you can incur more muscle mass.

Body fat loss would fall under the same category. If you carry on with the exact same level of exercise and eating – you won’t see any major weight loss benefits. However if you can increase your recovery time, you can exercise more often, which will increase your rate of body fat loss.

Some benefits may be experienced sooner such as increased sleep quality. It is generally believed that we sleep less as we get older, so the quality of our sleep is of the highest importance. A person with low HGH levels is likely to have a lower quality of sleep, so if you can keep your HGH levels high, a deeper, higher quality of sleep should follow.

Human growth hormone and high levels of testosterone in males leads to an increased libido, so it stands to reason that Sytropin can help to increase your libido.

The majority of benefits from Sytropin will not be amazingly apparent within the first few days – it takes time and a compounding effect before you would see the full extent of benefits.

Are HGH Supplements Like Sytropin Even Legal?

I can’t speak for other supplements, but Sytropin is legal because it isn’t a supplement, it’s an enhancer. So it just helps your body to produce more HGH, it doesn’t administer extra HGH.

What Does It Cost Compared To Alternatives?

As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any really good alternatives to Sytropin (there’s a reason that their products sell so well). Sure you can buy illegal HGH injections, but they can come with serious side effects (there is also a reason why HGH injections are illegal!).

The cost for Sytropin is free for a sample, but the cost after that is extremely cheap. Of course, if you get a 6 month supply you’ll save a ton of money, which is what I do. It cost me around $199 for 6 months, which works out to less than one measly dollar per day.

To be honest, if you are used to buying 2 coffees per day, then this would represent a great opportunity. A large number of people will spend money on stimulants such as coffee and caffeine pills to help them make it through the day, when it could be cheaper, healthier and far more effective to take Sytropin.

If you are used to spending $10 per day on coffees – Sytropin would be a great alternative to try out. There are a lot of negative side effects from drinking an abundance of caffeine, so Sytropin would help you to overcome any difficulties quitting coffee.

How much would you pay to wake up feeling full of energy and ready to take on the world?

Energy and zest for life are things that you can’t really put a price on, if you go through life feeling miserable then it is a wasted life. This is sort of the motivation behind why you should decide to try Sytropin or not in the first place – if you have been feeling awful then it could be a powerful change.

Is Sytropin A Steroid?

No – it is a common misconception that HGH supplements such as Sytropin are steroids.. It is an HGH releaser, so it helps to release more HGH. Steroids are a illegal, addictive, highly dangerous, and can be fatal in high doses.

Is Sytropin A Scam?

No Sytropin is not a scam. I talk about the ownership and parent company of Sytropin below, but they are not what some people would typically call a scam, such as a company who takes your money and doesn’t deliver a product. You can check out their ratings online and see customer feedback to help you make up your own mind about the direction you want to take from here.

How Do You Take Sytropin?

Sytropin is taken as an oral spray because it gets absorbed very efficiently and effectively through the mouth lining. There are options for injections with other comparable products, but seriously – who wants to take an injection twice per day? Also, injections at a doctors office cost a lot of money and are often only given to patients who are deficient in human growth hormone such as AIDs victims or developmentally disabled people.

Pros & Cons of Sytropin

Let me give you the pros and cons that people have encountered with Sytropin.


  • Increased energy
  • A deeper, higher quality of sleep and a better sleep pattern
  • Higher sexual performance and increased libido
  • More energy in the mornings when it is most needed
  • Loss of body fat
  • Looking healthier
  • Far better skin

Just like anything, there are cons as well. Let me explain:


  • Having to remember to take it twice per day – it’s not a big issue but worth mentioning
  • Paying for it – but then I think of all the coffee. painkillers and sleeping pills I used to use
  • I honestly can’t think of any cons except for these two

Who Makes Sytropin?

Speedwinds Nutrition is the company in charge of Sytropin, and they are an incredibly robust firm. They are BBB accredited, which means that they have to acknowledge every single customer if they have a problem with the product. They have been BBB accredited for 7 years running, which shows that they put the customer first every single time and they aren’t associated with scams or any type of illicit scheme.

Are There Any Side Effects With Sytropin?

Sytropin is an entirely homeopathic combination. It is safe for use, unlike injections or other dangerous ways of increasing your HGH. Most of the time homeopathic mixes such as Sytropin do not cause any problems, and as such, these products do not have to be endorsed by the FDA. In saying this, there are some potential side effects which can happen in unusual circumstances such as:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Swelling of limbs
  • Possible insulin resistance

What Are Other Folks Saying About Sytropin?

Sytropin is getting some seriously good feedback, with only a few people claiming that they aren’t seeing any benefits. The main reason people don’t get the benefits is because they don’t use it as directed. There are very specific instructions for how many sprays to take, at what time, and how long to keep it in your mouth for.

Why Buy Sytropin Over Other HGH Releasers?

Sytropin is affordable (free for the first bottle), and has great absorption. The mouth lining helps to get HGH into your system quickly and effectively. Sytropin also offers a 90 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your results – which is a powerful guarantee seeing that they are giving the first trial away to you for free.

Sytropin has received great reviews from other users both online and offline. Above all Sytropin is safe, legal and doesn’t contain any questionable ingredients. An important thing to remember before going to the gym is to not injure yourself, because you are going there to get fitter, faster and stronger. The same can be said about your nutrition. Taking Sytropin isn’t going to make you sick or cause adverse effects to your health.

Our Recommendation?

If Sytropin are still offering their free trial – go for it.

This might be a limited time offer from them, or they may continue it for a while yet. No matter what they decide to do, having a free trial on offer is a tempting proposition.

It really is a no strings attached offer – if you decide for some peculiar reason that you don’t want it, just tell them. They’ll cancel any future orders that you might have ordered and you are only a few bucks out of pocket for the shipping.