The Biggest Myth in Health/Fitness – Do You Agree?

“If it’s too good to be true…”
What pops into your mind when you read that?
Answer, a) “It probably is”
Answer b) “I’ve just stumbled upon something potentially valuable so I am going to check this out”
Let me tell you a 35 second story
Imagine you are looking to buy a property…
You want to make some money on it eventually, so you want something you can paint and landscape to add some value.
Now what are you going to do?
Check out the listings, and find one in your price range.
You find a perfect one after a bit of searching and go to check it out at the open home.
The agent calls you up that night and says:
“The owner lost their job today and they really want to sell fast; they are willing to drop the price by 30% if you agree to go unconditional on it within two days”.
You’ve just scored a great property for a cutthroat price, sort of due to your hard work, but also due to a bit of luck too.
What do you do now?
Do you buy the property or do you let it go to someone else?
You buy the damn property, that’s for sure!
When we have a bit of background knowledge about “how” or “why” something works, we are much more inclined to take action.
Now, buying a house is a good analogy, but how does it fit together with looking better and having more energy?
Well, when you are looking at buying a house, you need to get out there and do something different. You need to try a few things such as open homes, negotiating and arranging finance.
The same goes for looking better and feeling more energetic; you can’t just expect to wake up feeling different the next day and then have everlasting energy from that day forward…
No, you need to do something different.
Most people are not naturally energetic, beautiful and in shape… You’d probably agree with that right?
This is because most people don’t do anything different!
Most people don’t pay much care to their looks or their energy levels – but if looking incredible and having limitless tanks of energy is what you are after, you have to try something new.
How? What?
The easiest and most effective way is to assist your body in doing more of what it does naturally.
The reason that most people don’t look great or have a ton of energy is because their bodies are slowly decaying and dying. Their bodies are not replacing dead cells fast enough, and so their skin loses its tightness, they feel lethargic and tired often, they get wrinkles and start to accumulate excess body fat.
The crazy thing is, it’s not even your fault.
Genetically, some people just have higher levels of the hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This is the hormone that causes growth as a child and teen, and also regeneration of cells.
The main reason that people age and lose energy is because their body doesn’t reproduce cells as much, so older bodies start to wear out; however you’ve probably noticed something by now…
Some people look great at age 50, while others look like all shriveled up like a raisin!
There are some things that can affect this such as sun exposure, smoking and drinking, and drug use, but a large part of your looks and energy is purely genetic.
This is one of the reasons that many celebrities, fitness models and public figures that rely on their looks turn to HGH supplements. There is just one catch though: HGH supplements are prescription only, and they are not prescribed for “cosmetic” purposes.
HGH supplements are one of the latest breakthroughs in science that are proving to be a massive success in helping people reclaim their youthful looks and have energy to burn. The most successful supplement that we have found is by far and away, Sytropin.
Sytropin has so many success stories all around the web that it is ridiculous, and the company have stopped a lot of their advertising due to the product being so successful.
Guys using Sytropin regularly will find that their body fat levels decline and their muscle mass increases (which is what happens to males who have naturally high levels of HGH anyway), and women will find the same thing happens to them.
Low HGH levels are associated with poor sleep, a lousy metabolism and excess body weight, as well as the low energy levels and deteriorating looks we have already talked about.
If you are serious about changing your life for the better, you have to do something different.
A safe, easy supplement like Sytropin (it’s just an oral spray) is an effective way to increase your HGH levels naturally, build lean muscle, and build a reservoir of potent energy.
Check out the FAQ and see if they are still offering that crazy special they had on last week!